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Pathology Quality Manual
posted: Wednesday 16th February 2022
Hi All,The latest edition of our Pathology Quality Manual can be found on our website here: Publications\Publication, Many Thanks, Lab IT

Pathology – Microbiology updates
posted: Thursday 20th January 2022
Please find the new E-Path document on our website under Publications\E-Path News regarding the new method used to identify bacteria and how this will change our reporting. We appreciate your time taken to read these updates and if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us, Thanks.

Path News
posted: Thursday 2nd December 2021
Hi All, The latest edition of Path news can now be found on our website under Publications\Path News, Many Thanks.

tQuest Downtime - Monday 15th November - Essential System Update
posted: Friday 12th November 2021
tQuest system downtime 17th November - 10.15am to 12.45pm. Please Use paper request forms during this time, Many Thanks.

posted: Wednesday 22nd September 2021
Hi All, Please find the latest updates on the blood bottle shortages found on our website under PUBLICATIONS/E-PATH NEWS, many thanks.

Becton Dickinson blood specimen collection- info from NHS England: 26.08.2021
posted: Friday 27th August 2021
Becton Dickinson blood specimen collection - supply disruption Further info from NHS England: 26.08.2021 See: Publications: E-Path News 2021b - Blood Bottle Shortage 26.08.2021

Blood Tubes
posted: Friday 20th August 2021
Primary Care Users: Dear Colleagues You may already be aware of the global supply disruptions affecting blood tubes provided by Becton Dickinson (BD) to UK labs. Firstly, we would like to stress that Stockport NHS Foundation trust is supplied by Greiner (not BD) and Greiner have assured us that they are moving to increase production capacity and have secured sufficient raw materials to not be presented with the same issues that BD are experiencing. NHS England (NHSE) are recommending a precautionary approach for All laboratories to balance demand and they have released guidance aimed at mitigating some of the potential effects of this BD tube supply disruption on other suppliers, which is likely to go on for the rest of the year. In response to the NHSE guidance and suggested measures to limit unnecessary blood tube use we will be implementing the following recommendations locally and encourage all requestors to adhere to these precautionary measures to avoid potential restrictions in testing. - Stock review and rotation of blood tube stock to ensure optimal usage of tubes and avoid out-of-date/expiry date wastage - Minimising the number of blood tubes used for multiple requests as guided by TQuest and ensuring all blood bottles sent are filled to the mark - Please only use tQuest and not EMIS to produce request forms - Adherence to national Royal College of Pathologists (RCPath) re-testing interval guidance to avoid unnecessary over testing (see attachment and table with examples below) - Stop Vitamin D testing (with some exceptions including patients on treatment for osteoporosis, metabolic bone disease and fracture clinic requests) - Routine wellness testing is not a priority; every request must be clinically indicated. - Only consider infertility screens on an individual basis - Check for previous results to reduce unnecessary repeat “one off” testing (for example for A1AT, TPMT, AIMS/Liver antibodies, NT-proBNP and genetic tests) - Avoi

Path News
posted: Friday 21st May 2021
Hi All, The latest edition of Path News can now be found on our website under Publications\Path News.

The latest version of the Pathology Guide is now available
posted: Wednesday 10th March 2021
Hi All, The latest version of our Pathology Guide is now available to view on our website here: Publications\Guidelines Many Thanks. Pathology IT

Path News
posted: Tuesday 3rd November 2020
The October 2020 Path News publication has been uploaded, we hope you find some useful information in it. Please let us know of any topics you would like to see in future copies.