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We are here to help you help your patients and for you to choose to do the right test on the right patient at the right time and get the right result which help you to give the right treatment/management that your patient needs

The following parts of the website may be of interest to you:

Test Matrix A to Z (see left hand side)
All you ever needed to know about all the tests we perform or can send on to reference labs for you along with info on which tube , how much, storage conditions turn round times etc etc. If the info is NOT there TELL us via…

Feedback and Enquiries
Bouquets and brickbats always welcome but preferably not the latter BUT we are constantly trying to improve our service to our health care profession users but we need YOU to tell us where we need to improve.

All the different specialities are listed on the left and if you click on the one you want you will find contact numbers and a brief intro to each department.

How To Guides
Information for you to give to your patients on how to take their specimens.

The Pathology Guide

Further information on all of the above can be found in the Pathology Guide.

We think that the Lab Links will be especially useful to you as it explains all the different tests we do and what they are used for. There are lots of other relevant links here …the HPA website is especially useful for looking up infectious disease info ..go to the topic list and search alphabetically for say cryptosporidia/rashes in pregnancy etc.

Here you can find back issues of PATH News you may wish to browse or path-emails you may have missed.

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